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Let me tell you a few things...

Tomas Dejmek

Who am I?

Hello, my name is Tomas Dejmek and I am an app developer. My strength is a development of desktop apps on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux and their deployment. I have also experience with a server applications and websites development.

I have been an employer as a software developer for a few years, but I found out that I feel more comfortable with being a freelancer. I also do my own projects when I have an idea or met some avid group willing to realize something meaningful I also believe in.

My Programming

C/C++, C#, Javascript, Python, Bash and more.

I am a freelance app developer. I am able to realize your project. Or if you are And I am also open to enforce existing team as an external coworker. This kind of cooperation could work in remote, present or what I think is best is combined form.

My teaching

CTU FIT, exercises

I am teaching Programming and Algorithmic 1 and 2 exercise curses.

Those curses are to learn C and C++ languages, programming styles and approach to problem-solving.

My projects

Tools, analysis, games

When I have an idea I have to realize I do. So I am doing my own projects. But most of them are not completed nor publishable. I have very limited time for those projects.

My old positions

Programmer at BIM Project s.r.o.

C/C++, C#, SQL, and Python.

Simple plugins and extensions development for the most frequent 3D CAD systems in building industry (ARCHICAD, Revit, and Allplan). And some of the helper internal tools for the company.

Extensions allow engineers and designers to use composite structures and systems from databases filled with manufacturers products.

There I learned the first multiplatform development in production quality. The most of the projects, I realized alone, which learned me the responsibility to make things works.

Software Engineer at CertiCon a.s.

C/C++, C# and XML.

I have been a member of the Medical Systems crew. We were strengthening Medtronic company, which is among the world's largest medical equipment development companies.

I've dealt with programming peacemakers & defibrillators and their programmers (Programmer is a machine to configure those devices, analyze patient's data, check device's functions and its battery in hospitals.).

There I had the pleasure to work on an extremely large project. There were over 10 thousand source code files produced by 20 years of intensive working.

For older devices, the target platform was Windows XP Embedded, but IOS and Android platforms for newer devices.


C++, TeX, LaTeX, Python.

FIKS is an IT correspondence seminar of CTU FIT. I am problem setter there. This work is to prepare some programming and mathematical problem sets for talented and active high school students (prob. future CTU FIT students), evaluate their solutions and share them our knowledge. Every year we also organize a week intensive course about programming, computer science, and math which contains lectures, workshops, social games, and one whole-day programming contest.

Bespoke software

Do you need a software solution which satisfies the needs of your business?

I am ready to arrange our appointment, where we can together analyze your requirements. I will do my best to find out a suitable solution, to equip you with, and estimate its price.

Sometimes happen that what you need does already exists and it is available for you. Sometimes you need just a simple extension of another tool. Sometimes you need very complicated systems, which realization could cost a decade of work for programmer crew.

For those reasons, the proper analysis is a necessary part to start with.

Join forces

Do you have a team and need someone to join a crew?

You can ask me if you want. Try your luck and watch my skills descriptions to decide whether I am a guy you are looking for. If you are not sure just ask me. Not everything is contained here in the list.

I have rich experience with code optimization, multi-process architectures and Windows and Mac OS deployment.

Do I fit into your team?

C++ skills.
7 Years
C# and .NET skills.
2 Years
Front-end technologies skills.
2 Years
4 Years
Python skills.
4 Years
Shell scripting skills.
Bash, PowerShell, and Batch.
5 Years
Server maintenance.
3 Years

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